Traditional sausages from the Vall de Camprodon

Cured sausages in the Catalan Pyrenees

Our traditional cooked products

We are

More than 80 years producing sausages

We make cured and cooked sausages, preserving our family traditions since three generations, maintaining our commitment to the consumer, in order to make them enjoy an authentic product from our country and transferring these traditions to the rest of Europe. From the fantastic town of Camprodon.

Authentic Catalan products

Made in a privileged location, in La Vall de Camprodon.

Puente románico de Camprodón

Products suitable for everyone

Because we want everyone to be able to enjoy our products, we work to adapt them, without losing quality and making them free of allergens.

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Icono sin lactosa


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Our process

Near to our land

Surrounded by nature

Vista Aérea Camprodón

Without a doubt our location makes our products the most authentic.

Our experience

Botifarra blanca

More than 80 years making cooked and cured sausages.


Puente románico Camprodón

We use raw materials from our land.

Our products

Traditional taste

Embutidos Casanova Hermanos - Fuet

Fuet de Camprodon

Embutidos Casanova Hermanos

Llonganissa de pagès

Jamón de York

Cooked ham

Chorizo rojo

Chorizo “Rosari”

Botifarra blanca

Botifarra blanca

Embutidos Casanova Hermanos

Fuet - Llonganissa